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natural gas analyzer

natural gas analyzer

Tailored analyzers for natural gas, natural gas liquids and sulfur by-product analysis. The production, transport and utilization of natural gas NG, natural gas liquids, NGL, liquefied petroleum gas LPG, and refinery gas RG, requires critical analysis to ensure, quality, safety, and efficiency. Variations in BTU content can greatly affect performance and cost, impurities like sulfur and other metals can …

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  • rs485 3 in 1 gas detection device
    rs485 3 in 1 gas detection device

    Sensors are functional which is the heart of the device, but the housing is made of cheep plastic and mgf outside the USA, which is NOT a plus for me. The door that exopses the batteries is a real piece of bad work. I expected more from First Alert. 1 to 10 rating with 10 being the best it gets a 5.

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  • laboratory carbon monoxide gas testing
    laboratory carbon monoxide gas testing

    What is being tested? Blood gases are a group of tests that are performed together to measure the pH and the amount of oxygen (O 2) and carbon dioxide (CO 2) present in a sample of blood, usually from an artery, in order to evaluate lung function and help detect an acid-base imbalance that could indicate a respiratory, metabolic or kidney disorder.. A person's body carefully regulates blood pH ...

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  • battery powered ammonia gas detection tubes
    battery powered ammonia gas detection tubes

    Fixed ammonia gas detector is used to detect the concentration of NH3 with selectable measuring range of 0 to 50/100/200 ppm. NH3 detector with sound and light alarm and real-time display, signal output 4-20mA, or RS485, high accuracy, high reliability and low price.

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  • odm msa gas leakage detector
    odm msa gas leakage detector

    MSA Leak Detector provides the earliest level of detection for refrigerant gas leaks in mechancial equipment rooms with continuous, real-time monitoring down to 1 ppm. (0) MARKETS Construction Fire Service General Industry Mining Oil Gas Utilities. Products. ...

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  • OEM so2 gas device
    OEM so2 gas device

    Easily add SO2 sensing to your IoT application with our Sulfur Dioxide digital gas sensor module that provides a calibrated and temperature compensated output. DGS-SO2 0 to 20 ppm SO2 sensor with digital output. ... Add gas sensing to your device Shop Sensors.

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  • wireless smart gas sensor
    wireless smart gas sensor

    Jul 28, 2020If you have an existing smart home hub, look for smoke detectors that work with the equipment you already own. Carbon monoxide detection - Some smart smoke detectors are also capable of alerting you to the presence of deadly carbon monoxide gas. This saves you the extra cost and time associated with buying and installing dedicated carbon monoxide detectors.

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  • battery operated ammonia gas Alarm Device
    battery operated ammonia gas Alarm Device

    CTI NH3 Responder Portable Ammonia (NH3) Leak Detector with full range detection. Includes PID/VOC (0-1000 ppm NH3) and catalytic (0-100% LEL) sensors. Water resistant, Large LCD display, AA battery powered, 95db alarm tone, visual and vibrating alarm, records TWA, STEL and …

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  • explosion-proof lng gas sensor
    explosion-proof lng gas sensor

    All in one explosion-proof gas calorimeter which features high accuracy, continuous measurement and high-speed response. Continuous measurement Measurement data can be updated every 0.25 seconds, a feature which is not possible with gas chromatography.

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  • battery operated 3m Gas Concentration Detector
    battery operated 3m Gas Concentration Detector

    The ET120 is it the perfect choice for HVAC professionals. It is an easy-to-use tester that provides audible and visual alarms in the presence of methane, propane and other combustible gases at concentrations as low as 50 ppm. It features two levels of sensitivity depending on users' needs: High (approximately 50 to 1000 ppm) and Low (approximately 1,000 to 10,000 ppm).

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  • odm micro clip gas detection australia
    odm micro clip gas detection australia

    Feb 21, 2020BW Technologies Gas Alert Micro Clip XL O2 CO H2S LEL Charging Cable. $150.00 + shipping . BW GasAlert MicroClip XT Multigas Monitor Detector Meter H2S,LEL,CO,O2 New OXY. ... Details about BW GasAlert MicroClip XT Multi gas Monitor Detector Meter H2S,LEL,CO,O2 SALE!!! 17 …

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  • chlorine gas detection unit
    chlorine gas detection unit

    Jun 03, 2019The unit is a loop-powered 2-wire transmitter and has a corrosion resistant sensor perfect for direct measurement. The B12 is especially popular in chlorine storage facilities and chemical process plants as they are required to scrub exhaust gas streams to remove halogen and acid gases.

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  • OEM single gas sensor
    OEM single gas sensor

    For Use With GasBadge Pro Single-Gas Air Monitors, Temp. Range -40 Degrees to 140 Degrees F, -40 Degrees to 60 Degrees C, Resolution 0.1 ppm, Sensor Range 0 to 150 ppm, Chemical Formula NO2, Detects Nitrogen Dioxide, Replacement Sensor .

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  • 100ppm honeywell gas testing
    100ppm honeywell gas testing

    Ammonia gas (NH3). Ammonia gas detector uses imported high precision electrochemical principle sensor, fast response speed, high precision, of its stability, good repeatability. The ammonia gas monitor has audio and visual alarm, you can set audio alarm decibel that can give you a obvious prompt.

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  • Wholesale 4 in 1 gas device
    Wholesale 4 in 1 gas device

    Specification: Input Video Signal: 0.5-1.0V p-p Input DDC Signal: 5 V p-p (TTL) Max Signal Link Range: 1920x1200 1080p, 3D 1080p / 24Hz Ports: HDMI Standard (Female) Bandwidth: Up to 225MHz EDID Duration: 4 seconds 3D Compatible (If your devices support 3D) Cascaded: Large distribution achieved by cascading more HDMI amplifier splitter Supports HDCP, 8bit per channel (24bit all channel) deep ...

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  • handheld h2s gas detection equipment
    handheld h2s gas detection equipment

    Maersk H2S Safety Services has an outstanding reputation for operating worldwide, providing first-class H2S gas safety equipment gas detectors. When dealing with safety the quality and reliability of your equipment can never be compromised. As a provider of detection and protection equipment, our gas safety equipment is a lifesaving measure ...

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  • explosion-proof lpg
    explosion-proof lpg

    Description S2097GP - LPG Gas Detector 0-100% LEL, 4-20mA - Catalytic sensor - Explosion Proof Enclosure Version SMART3G-C2 Zone 1 category 2 areas S2097GP SMART3G gas detectors are employed to detect Liquefied petroleum gas, LPG, GPL, LP Gas, liquid petroleum Gas compounds (%LEL) in classified areas.

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  • portable co2 gas sensor
    portable co2 gas sensor

    Designed for superior lifespan—patented sensors operate for over two years—and high performance, the ALTAIR Single-Gas Detector is the smart choice for market-leading, cost-effective gas monitors. Features sensor options for carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen coupled with LED/audible/vibrating alarms.

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  • rs485 H2 gas detection system
    rs485 H2 gas detection system

    H2 Hydrogen Meter Single Gas Detector with 4-20mA RS485 Output Hydrogen gas is lighter than air and is also a highly flammable gas. So customers usually need to detect its low explosion limit and detect the ppm or VOL concentration as well. They usually detect in battery warehouse,H2 gas …

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  • wireless multi gas module
    wireless multi gas module

    SIM800L GSM Module A6 GSM GPRS Module SIM900 GSM Shield NRF24L01 Wireless Module 433Mhz RF Wireless Module NEO6M GPS Module Sensors PIR Sensor (HC-SR501) SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor DHT11/DHT22 Temp Sensor DHT11 Module MQ2 Gas Sensor MQ3 Alcohol Sensor ADXL335 Accelerometer DS18B20 Temp.

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  • fixed propane gas leakage detector
    fixed propane gas leakage detector

    Fixed Gas Detector, Portable Gas Detector, Home gas detector, Smoke Detector, Gas leak detector, Gas alarm controller. Fixed Gas Detector Details. Portable Gas Detector Details. Home gas detector Details. Smoke Detector Details. HOT PRODUCT.

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